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The primary commodities market for perfumeries is a highly globalised market which has grown significantly, in terms of production, consumption and trade since the end of the Second World War.

At the centre of this industry, traders play an important role since they are responsible for ensuring regular supply in quantity and quality to the essence-consuming industries.

However, for several years the SCA3P cooperative has carried out extremely valuable sales work to come as close as possible to the downstream market. Most essential oils produced by SCA3P are now exported.

The Cooperative worldwide markets therefore include: Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, India, USA, Singapore, Mexico, China, Indonesia, Australia, Japan, Thailand, Korea, Holland, Germany, Austria, Lithuania, Italy, Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Luxembourg...

Marketing essential oils from SCA3P, Provence, France, worldwild

In less than 10 years, SCA3P has succeeded in positioning itself as a major player in natural French products for perfumery, the washing powder industry and more recently aromatherapy.
This new strategy has made it possible for the Cooperative to secure its competitive opportunities and therefore provide its members with a sustainable production flow.

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