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Sustainable development

Censo for sustainable development in the lavender and lavandin essential oils sector.

The SCA3P cooperative is committed to the Censo approach.

This approach stems from a sustainable development strategy for the lavender and lavandin essential oils sector. Identification of the areas for improvement will make it possible to set the foundations of a progress approach through the definition of objectives and the development of tools to guarantee the durability of productions on the territory.

Another important point in this approach is to guarantee the traceability of the products, from the producer to the marketers, and a genuine, natural product.

The first links in the sector are the producers, the distillers, agricultural cooperatives and the first buyers. Each operator guarantees to follow the specifications. He signs a commitment to the approach. Authorisation audits are carried out to guarantee the respect of these commitments and verification audits make it possible to monitor that the requirements are fulfilled in the following years.

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