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Interview of President Jean-Michel Cotta

As Perfume Plant Producer and President of SCA3P, what made you join the Cooperative in the beginning?

I was born in perfume plants since my parents were also producers and members of a cooperative; I therefore grew up in this economic environment, but beyond that I know the history of perfume plants in Provence quite well. There was a time when there was a total lack of transparency concerning the market, which completely cut us off from this knowledge. Brokers had total control. This was an unacceptable situation.  I always believed that the cooperative could get us out of this archaic system!

Lavender harvest in Provence for essential oils

The way I see it, since the Cooperative needs to correspond to production needs, my objective was therefore:
* More market transparency,
* Fair remuneration,
* Economic efficiency...


These are the reasons why I joined SCA3P.

What has the Cooperative changed for you?

Like any business SCA3P has suffered setbacks, but has also been successful. Drawing on this rich history has allowed us, not only for me but also my predecessors, to establish an effective sales organisation and we are proud today to be able to market our products worldwide. In my opinion, the market, despite all the difficulties, has become more transparent. This transparency is priceless and goes beyond all the other services that this Corporative provides, which is what I expect from it.

What do you think the future holds for SCA3P?

Today, the Cooperative collects more than 350 tons of essential oils. We need to maintain this collection and even develop it; which requires organisation and proper communication. I would like to develop this communication so that our producers and the others are aware that we do all that we can to help production. This way, we not only keep our current members but also find new ones.

Essential natural oils made in Provence (France)

I believe that if we developed our market in the downstream sector, this policy should be developed further since it will provide us with a little more leeway. We will need this margin if one day the market turns against us.

I would also like to further develop contractual arrangements, which already exist, and ways to guarantee security.

Finally, we have not sufficiently exploited other sectors, namely the aromatherapy, organic and conventional markets. We have started and shall continue this effort.


These different elements should bring us economic efficiency, which will allow us to remunerate our members fairly and if there's anything that inspires me every day, it's truly that!


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